Booking with security and confidence your next Vacation home Incline Village.

Call us first then check our email addresses.

The best way to get to know someone is to meet them face to face. The second best way is to call them. You can get a really good feeling from someone talking to you on the phone. You can call Bill or Mary anytime. 702-368-6888 Then google the email address and verify the connections and the company. 

Verify who owns the property.

Our address is 699 David Way and 696 Lakeshore, Incline Village, NV. You can go to the Assessors webpage in Washoe County and research who owns the property and verify ownership. Here is the website.

Real testimonials

Email some of the former guests that have email address associated with the website. There you can get first hand information about the rentals.

What does it cover?

We protect you from fraud, phishing, and the property being misrepresented. We never give out your personal information and we show videos of the entire house as it is being rented to you. The reason why we can guarantee you the property as you rented it is because we have a video of it. We are the owners of the home and unlike other websites that have never seen our home and don't know what they are taking your money for, we know because we own it.  

Customer service

As you arrive in the home you can call us at anytime night or day with any questions. We have a local staff in Incline Village to take care of your needs. Unlike other sites that have no onsite knowledge of our home we own it and built it and we know everything about our home.

Security Deposit Protection

You have given us a deposit for our home with the promise that you will take care of it for future guests. You will not have to go through the major websites to beg for your deposit back. We have a 99.7% return history over 27 years of renting our vacation home Incline Village. From time to time there are things that happen and break. We are understanding and do not nickel and dime our guest to death. We would want you to come back so we are very forgiving when it comes to accidents.